DSG Auto Checkout

This is the official page to sign up for the DSG Auto Checkout bot.


The following is information about the bot and what it does. It will be limited to a few people per day and are to be used for personal items.

Custom Updated Code

The auto checkout process will be continuously updated to be faster and avoid errors as it is currently still in BETA testing.

Protected Information

The bot runs on your local machine so you do not have to provide me with any sensitive information.

Additional Features

The checkout bot allows you to utilitze a promotion code (e.g. 10% off for signing up on DSG).

Discord Integration - Under Development

Allows you to view your success by posting a Discord notification to a specified webhook.

Support for All Links

Any item that is on DSG is supported as long as you have the SKU for the item.

VIP Access

Currently under development to include unlimited checkouts for any quantity, SKU, and other features.

Bot List Sign Up


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